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Businesses change and evolve over the course of time just like we do as individuals in our lives. Every stage of growth of a business demands a focus on change management to successfully make the leap to new levels of achievement and revenue.

At PinPoint, we’ve seen time again that most companies struggle to skillfully identify and manage such change. Even with highly talented leadership at the helm, the nature of rapid growth inherently creates blind spots that can often only be identified by a skilled consulting team with a fresh, outside perspective. We are subject matter experts lead by Doctoral level leadership in the field of organizational change

When driven by purpose, we are all limitless

Pinpoint can help you:

Align your internal resources effectively by finding new ways to highlight the talents already present in your organization.

Skillfully scale back and eliminate projects and processes that don’t best serve the core talents and mission of the business.

Implement cultural changes and processes that serve to uplift employee engagement and emotional intelligence and eliminate costly employee turnover rate.

Pinpoint is for businesses that want…

To create a sustainable business on a growth trajectory

To have an empowered, healthy workforce with low churn

To foster more connection to community and social engagement

The Pinpoint Team

Victor Starns

Victor Starns, DM, PMP

Victor is the founder and CEO of Pinpoint Consulting and has dedicated his professional focus to organizational and project management for over 30 years.
Adam Goodman

Adam Goodman

Adam Goodman is an accomplished business leader with demonstrated success in building and leading teams, business development and creation of industry-first strategies.

Ali Almadhlouh, DM

With 40 years of international business experience, Dr. Ali Almadhlouh is a leader, business owner and consultant, deal negotiator, and project management expert.

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